Then There Was Me

Cognitive Control: Jedi Mind Trick

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I entered the waiting room and immediately surveyed the area.  What is the damage. . .I could feel my heart starting to quicken.  “I hate crowds,”  I mumbled to myself.  I identified the area I would least likely be noticed.   I could barely move my constricted legs as the intensity of the tremor increased.  I anxiously  counted how many people were in the waiting room.  I felt sweaty. . .no, no, that isn’t what i’m feeling. . .more like cold sweaty/clammy.  I can control it, if I just sit here. . .

Control…a mirage to a Parkinson’s patient,  achievable through little pills, a state of mind, a reality of the progression of fear that one day your identity will be largely shaped by a physical disability.  A disability that overshadows the fact that it’s still me inside.  Hello, anyone out there?

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