Then There Was Me

The Law of Parkinson’s

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So,  the Law of Parkinson’s dictates that if the odds are infinitely impossible, then the likelihood  of that possibility occuring increases to a feasible percentage over time.  Case-in-point. . .

When I had my son, there wasn’t (and still isn’t) any research that significantly showed the possibility of a full-term baby or any incidents of a miscarriage as the result of the meds I took to maintain my Parkinson’s symptoms.  As an educated decision, I took meds throughout my whole pregnancy and had a full-term 9lb 21inches baby.  Mirapex the new pre-natal vitamin?

When I woke up with a constant numbing pain in my thigh, I would not have proclaimed that a Brown Recluse bit me.  However, my bite was later verified as Recluse bite.  A smile spread over my face, (I can’t help it the definition of my life is IRONY).  Brown Recluses’ are rare in Iowa and their demeanor classifies them as reclusive or “shy”.

My first time to a “casino”, I played a 1.00 slot and on 2500.00 dollars in 5 minutes. I walked away knowing I could lose 2500.00 in 4 minutes.


These are some of the odds that I have overcome- Parkinson’s Power!!!


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