Then There Was Me

Morty and the Crazy Spider Lady

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I am going to preface this post with a summary of its’ morals.  Yes, we even have to moralize blogs…

1) Advocate for yourself…

2) Don’t let people call you the “Crazy Spider Lady” (especially if you’re a man)

3) Studies show, walking, has adverse health effects

4) Ride the bus whenever possible; even though, your bus stop is in front of a retaining wall to the largest cemetery in a 100 mile   radius.  Every morning you have an excellent backdrop to initiate conversations with your toddler about death, meaning of life, and how fast he can climb a tombstone.

I hear the blaring “alarm” sound on my iphone (yes, you should really all have an iphone)  I roll over on the best use of technology ever, muffling the irritating fog horn.  Oh Oh OH, OH MY GOD, i can’t move my left leg.   The pain shoots from the tip of my big toe to mid lateral knee cap.   Oh OW!!  Something is terribly wrong . . .Fast forward 3 weeks, Urgent Care, Emergency Room,General Practitioners (who believe in internet handouts rather than person-to-person communication, Physical Therapist, and a woman from Denmark. . .Voila. . . a stress reaction in response to walking too much.  Death Sentence= Walking Boot.

The moment where if you stand still for too long makes the culmination of your life’s     let-downs come immediately to the forefront has arrived.  TO WALK OR NOT TO WALK, but standing still is not an option.  NOT FOR ONE MINUTE.


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