Then There Was Me

“Pursuit of Happiness. . .”

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Amazing Kid Cudi cover of “Pursuit of Happiness.” It is important to note the original P of H is amazing as well.

“People tell me slow my road. . .I say Fuck that. . .”

This post is not some subversive ploy to integrate pop culture and it’s golden word, “fuck,” into this blog’s consciousness.   I really mean “Fuck that.”  I think the term “Fuck” needs to come with an obligatory capital “F”.   Similarly as “god” is “God” to denote the distinction of the word.

My Dad still says to me, “don’t use that word, as there are a million other words that can be used and still maintain self respect.”  In response, I turn my head towards him and say, “No, I really mean to say “Fuck,” Dad. If you think about it, there is no other word that conveys such a meaning in the way its’ said.”  It’s “MY ROAD” after all and I only have one life, this life to live. . .So when I say “Fuck that” i truly mean “Fuck that.””

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