Then There Was Me

Slammin’ the Dew

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I wake-up with that knowing feeling that I have been tricked. I know all to well I have not reached morning, but just barely glance over at a clock (begrudgingly actually). My eyelids pop up as i see it was 5 ish. . .not too bad I thought. Next immediate thought. . .LET’s CELEBRATE like Lionel Richie Celebrate’s good times, COME ON.

I look around greedily and realize in a heap of utter exhaustion I fell asleep on my son’s lego/duplo land fill. I couldn’t help but laugh, as I look at my arms and see divot after divot of circular outlines imprinted on my skin. I wanted to preserve the duplo tattoos to show my son, as we would later have a great laugh. CAMERA! CHHHHICK (onnomonopia).

Ahh, moving on, I look over and see its clear blue dot against the backdrop of blackness. Mesmerized I make a beeline to grab the gravitational light and, SON OF A —–, walked right through a battalion of little green army men. I mustered up my best “Sarge” impersonation and barked “CEASE FIRE.” Of course they resisted, damn Army, I mumbled why couldn’t you all have been deployed this particular morning.

Finally, I meet-up with the angelic blue light and wrap my hands around it. Hmmmmm, a sense of relief, it fits in my hand so well. The Wii remote comes alive. A celebratory tennis match is on its way to be loaded. Now, it’s GO GO GO time as I make every attempt to kick the shit out of a two dimensional tennis character named RIN.

Forehand after forehand were matched, as were backhands. Beads of sweat began to materialize on my face. “OH YEAH I was feelin’ it.” An inventory check of the moment brought a smile to my face. I was having fun. . . wandering thoughts came to the forefront; my meds.

The Wii remote chimed out of the game and I rushed into the kitchen rounding the corner while sliding my hands out to their well appointed place. I swear there is a slight groove on the counter where the bottle of meds takes its anointed place. (How come I am always able to track down my meds in a heart beat, but ask me what day of the week it is and a sudden panic sets in.)

I grab the nearest glass and slam its contents back as i throw in a pill. A chortled cough comes out. . .GROSS, flat MT.DEW. I don’t dwell, there are worse things. Returning to RIN, who is about to be schooled,I look-up at the clock. On a 2nd glance a smile spread across my face. IT WAS ONLY 3:10am!Image

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