Then There Was Me

Cantar = Ser

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What is it about singing? Since my flubbed soprano solo in 6th grade, I have always felt I deserved a second chance . . .and NOW I have found it. Hold on world here I come by way of Karaoke?

No, wait, what? Why did a 9-year-old just comment on my solo performance of “Hallelujah”? Reading on, said 9-year-old reports “No, Bad Tooon.” OH NO, “Obviously you don’t know how to sing.” from another Smuler (Smulers are participants of a type of brand App, called Smule, for iphone/android consumers).

To sing= to be. . .it’s one of the few things that simply make me happy. Yes, you can’t take yourself too seriously, and perhaps that is why i like it so much. I can laugh at myself with an off tune Hallelujah to punctuate the meaning.

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