Then There Was Me

The Tale of Gumby and Pokey and the Silly String

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This is how I think. . .or actually create. . .my son comes into my room bobbing his head in time to a silenced beat, while shouting G-A-G-A-M Style. I look over and immediately begin to laugh with him. My “say what”

is greeted by a shrill “G-A-G-A-M style”
. G-A-N-G-N-A-M Style. . .He starts to Hop, and I asked him “Do you want to re-make the video” My Response was a bobbing head and a G-A-G-A-M style.

One word , WALGREENS. I love WALGREENS,! All I could think of was that we would have to tame down the song to make it more appropriate for my son’s age. Of course the scene in the original video where it looks as though a wind tunnel is throwing shaving cream and garbage at PSY was my jumping off point. . .TWO WORDS- SILLY STRING. My son will be introduced to TWO WORDS-SILLY STRING.

When we arrive at WALGREENS (I should get endorsements) I make a bee-line for the toy aisle, cutting my son off- who by-the-way is still bobbing his head and shouting G-A-G-A-M style. After I grabbed the rainbow of Silly String cans, I come to a screeching halt, do a G-A-N-G-N-A-M style double take. A light transcends upon my two most favorite animated characters; Gumby and Pokey. TWO WORDS G-U-M-B-Y Style.

The result of our WALGREENS quest led to the video mock-ups posted at beginning of post.

And that is all she wrote. . .


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