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Let’s Make the Most of the Night Like We’re Going to Die Young

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O.k., so I am a bit of a dramatist on the title. . .I have decided “Party Rock” music genre best characterizes my life. . . (insert record scratch). . .only if  I don’t have access to meds.

“Take my hand I will show you the wild side. . . .”

Over the course of my diagnosis (medical diagnosis at 25), I have ingested 9855 mg of Mirapex and 3285 pills.  Wow, I hope there isn’t any research that supports severe side effects of long term usage.  I’m screwed!

Let’s make the most of the night. . . .

Contrary to popular belief (among people who watch documentaries on the BBC or listen to NPR at 3:00am),  Parkinson’s patients experience at some point a decline in their ability to function.

Like it’s the last night of our lives. ..

A tiny pill, a band-aid of sorts, masks my physical symptoms. All Parkinson’s patients manifest its’ symptoms differently.  Our levels of Dopahmine indicate our ability to metabolize the meds that are on the market.

The Parkinson’s/Prisoners Dilemma. . .In a paradigm that exists in a metaphorical framework, is a reality for us.    We gamble with a med’s effectiveness based on time.  We don’t have time. . .we have our life. . .’

Die Young. . .

The utility of choosing not to vote this presidential election is my stand, my fist pump in the air, my protest.  I am not going to vote simply because “the other person looks better.”

This election mirrors a boxing match, “IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE. . .” fighting, polarizing, distinguishing.  As if civil liberties is uniquely “DEMOCRAT” or “balancing the budget” is primarily “REPUBLICAN”.  A FACEBOOK FULL OF FACE OFFS. . .

I give-up, because health care is universal/human/its a need that everyone demonstrates.  Degenerative diseases have no bias. . .they don’t care about race, socio-economic status, geographic location, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, whether you are a college graduate, whether you have a job.

I have a unique perspective, because I am dependent on meds to function.  So when I read a “Facebook” posting that says “I would rather die than have Mitt Romney as president.”  I get angry. . their ignorance is defined, as they are able to say this because they have a CHOICE!

I could really care less who is President, when I can’t get out-of-bed because my tremors are so intense I seize up and become frozen.  I should be so lucky to die young.

Let me explain

we have a disease that affects our brain

Progressive, degenerative, suggestive,

should we choose to be expletive

we need meds to lift up the dread of a future

but at our current departure

we are politicized, marginalized,

we can’t decide,

because our voice doesn’t give us a choice

to materialize


One thought on “Let’s Make the Most of the Night Like We’re Going to Die Young

  1. So many comments to make, I once counted in a day 8467 myclonic jerks in my shoulders. Lol.
    Nothing like living a life 6 pills at a time. X5 daily 🙂
    Be well
    Always Benjamin

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