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Disabled Walking

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Recently, I went to my annual Neurology appointment.  My 11th year anniversary (pull out the party poppers and boxed wine)!  Where upon I was so graciously greeted by Third-Year Resident, who asked me,

“So what are we seeing you for today?”

My thought process in response to this question. . .


Why is he wearing a fanny pack holder for his IPad?

Why can’t he make eye contact?


What is his specialty?

I can’t believe I had to wait 3 months until the first available appt.!


Is this what is meant by Obama’s new Health Care System?

Is this what they mean by advocate?


I careened my head to the level of his Ipad…and in one pronounced syllable, said, W H A T?

He proceeded to ask me questions from a digital “Wikipedia” survey probably entitled “So You Think You Have Parkinson’s?”

Thought process in response to importance of Ipad…

intrinsically alone, the type you feel even though you are in a room full of people. . .

stress. tears. . .

this is my fight. . .

a lonely existence. .  .

10 years of case notes, a lifetime of degeneration and he couldn’t read my face sheet. . .

“Don’t take this personally,” I said


A lost e-mail:   Hi, Dr. ___________

It wasn’t that you were late seeing me, rather, I was seen by a Third Year Resident.  I don’t presume to know everything medical or tell you how to train, teach, or conduct your job, but when a Third Year Resident asks “What is the purpose of your visit.  .” it’s, well, disappointing.  I understand you are very busy, but can’t someone utilize my file as a case history prior to asking me questions from a cue card?
 I don’t consider myself special by any means, but if I am asked to understand the structure of a teaching hospital, then would it be too much to ask someone to understand that a disease like Parkinson’s respectfully influences the quality of my life each day?.  I am switching my services (sigh).  Thank you for the message.

One thought on “Disabled Walking

  1. You just relived my non meds visit I just had except mine was 2 hrs of not listening. Crappy attitude doctors ending with my canceling my next appointment and switching back to my normal neurologist.
    Best wishes always my dear friend.

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