Then There Was Me

“The monster ab…


“The monster about to come alive again/
Soon as I pull up and park the Benz/
We get this bitch shaking like Parkinson’s” 

The above link references one of many articles from people in the Parkinson’s community in response to Kanye West’s usage of Parkinson’s from his newly released album “Yeezus.”  People are “outraged” by his “insensitivity.”  I will readily admit that when I first saw this as part of a news feed on Facebook, I chuckled.  I’m sorry (no, I’m not) . . . Dude, it’s Kanye West Just as Rush Limbaugh capitalized on what reasonably seems these days to be a politically correct disease; Parkinson’s. I don’t think it’s insensitivity. . .it just is. Parkinson’s is a buzz word, and now has been incorporated into pop culture as an adjective.

Similarly, I should point out that incredible as it may sound, Parkinson’s morphs into its own symptomatic battle that is systematically unique in each person. Would I want Kanye West to empathize on how a day in my life feels? I bet he is just as excited to start walking in my shoes as I am in his.

 Finally, if anything the song lyric, just may spark-up a conversation on Parkinson’s among a group of people that would never have been exposed to such a phenomenon. A discussion, the spoken word, well, in my book is the best way to break through living ignorance. Parkinson’s – word up!

May I add another link to an advertisement of a Parkinson’s PSA that aims at using POP CULTURE to shock and raise awareness about Parkinson’s  

I live with Parkinson’s and I love music.  I think the lyric is cleverly written with a metaphorical purpose.  Yes, I believe Parkinson’s is terrible, but in my reality I have to make lemonade out of lemons. Part of that is not taking things too personally. Pardon the reference, but sometimes you need to shake things off.  


3 thoughts on ““The monster ab…

  1. Word!! 1. I like lemonade
    2. Yes I have PD no I will not make you a cocktail. Lol ** shaken not stirred
    Makes me laugh.
    I agree I don’t really care if he wants to media shock the world into a higher awareness state about PD then cool by me.

  2. I don’t understand how the Parkinson’s community expects Kanye to empathize when, even the medical community, our close family members and I don’t get Parkinson’s.

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