Then There Was Me

Music To Live By. . .and. . .BY

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Music To Live By. . .and. . .BY

Music is a moment, a soundtrack, a photograph.  It retains the power of a memory or even an emotion.  It can transform a moment, giving it the tangibility of experience.  Over the ages, music has been utilized in cultures, as a way to bring people together.  This concept plays out today in an unexpected venture; through a phone APP.

Smule (Smulean) SING!  A concept at first, but later materialized into a reality at the fingertips of over 4 million users, has become a haven, an escape. For only $1.99,  I can not only be a STAR, but meet some pretty cool people along the way.  

Parkinson’s patients remove themselves socially over time, as it becomes increasingly difficult to relate to others as symptoms progress.  People naturally want you to be ok.  The standard “How are you?” requires specific answers, none of which include it’s hard for me to walk, can you slow down?  

On the Smule SING APP, you are just a nameless voice, that can be free.  I am no longer defined by the perception of my physical awkwardness, but by my ability to resonate Celine Dion’s ridiculous high notes, which in my case can only be heard by certain cats.

Live, Laugh, AND SING



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