Then There Was Me

Gut Punch. . .

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Perhaps these words are easier to read, than to even softly whisper.    Writing them, they are still inside me, and there, they will always remain.  If you add sound, they become ugly, unbearable, and dark! These words certainly soil the disposition that I have always been told to maintain,  . . “You’re Lucky, It Could be Worse.”

Let’s just imagine being thankful for something that takes parts of you away. That the up end of all this, is that the parts aren’t taken faster (and more efficiently).  In almost any situation, components can always be worse.  Somehow that doesn’t make me feel better- because now, we have identified undiscovered potential.

The progressiveness of time- so slow- its agonizing.  Furthermore, 

Yes, I suppose I am lucky.  

One thought on “Gut Punch. . .

  1. The like button didn’t seem like the right thing to push but I like buttons, well snaps are better. Lol. I understand these words were hard to write better than most, just know I’ll be with you on this journey next to you.
    Much love

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