Then There Was Me

Lines Drawn In The Sand

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So, we start drawing lines, segregating issues based on party affiliation, start becoming accusatory, point fingers, vocalizing our frustration. . .meanwhile. . .a baby is born with a chronic heart defect, a sister died from breast cancer. When a person has a disease or is sick, they are defined by their disease; a heart patient; cancer patient. We don’t look at ourselves as a Democrat or Republican- we don’t stand off in our corners, we share hospital rooms, stories, life. It doesn’t matter who wins, who hates who, or what the law is when your managing the end of your life. Health Care Reform is a human issue, that has somehow been twisted and broken- 
George Clooney: Obamacare is law. “You don’t like it? Win an election.” (via @NYMag)

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