Then There Was Me

The Other Side of Life

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  •  I have DECIDED not to be mad at myself ANYMORE, that I have Parkinson’s and I have PHYSICAL DISABILITY.   THIS IS OK.  It’s NOT that dramatic.      I accepted where most people my age moving forward.   I have to take CARE of myself.   MAINTAIN my health                     WHEN i saw my reflection in a window                                                                             I looked at MYSELF passing by a store                    and it STARTLED me because i could see my limp on the left side of my body              and I always work so hard to control it -its exhausting       HIDING it anymore     The LIFE cycle astonishes me that at the BEGINNING and end of our lives, we appear to be waiting in disdain for something not quite living i think it has something to do with SELF PRESERVATION.  OUR self esteem our integrity how we see ourselves                                its hard to LET GO of who we will be and who we were

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