Then There Was Me

From a book I am writing for/ to my son.

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I want you to remember you are born from LOVE! When I was growing up, I was a dreamer. I wanted more; to experience
more; to be more. My imagination was limitless, and i believed more than anything that i could become bigger than the
world. I loved swinging, because if I closed my eyes long enough, and gave into the motion, I could feel myself soar
against the depth of the sun’s heat. I used to sit in front of my closet waiting for it to open into another world, with
reep-a-cheeps, adventures, and life. My favorite book was “The Secret Garden,” because it was a world unto itself. I
walked through that garden a thousand times, felt the wisps of flower petals listlessly touching my hands. I didn’t know
what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I remember thinking its’ going to be just like my dreams, limitless. When I
became your Mom, all this became true and something unexpected happened. My love for you became bigger than me. Knowing you is like walking through a garden over a thousand times, experiencing life with you is like soaring through the sky,
and you opened my life and showed me a world full of adventure.

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