Then There Was Me

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A Negative Assumption. . .


To talk about the future in finite terms is not negative. . .

To talk about the future in finite terms is realistic. . .

To make an exit plan is not giving up. . .

To make an exit plan is responsible. . .

To internalize your emotions has the potential to hurt

To internalize your emotions to shelter others from hurt is human nature

To identify a person you can show all your colors, emotions, sorrow, and happiness with- is important

My Dad is very important to me.

To learn that a situation can be happy and sad at the same time is healthy

I wish Parkinson’s made me healthy

To recognize you have a disability is a strength

For others to define you by that disability is a weakness

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The P R O J E C T- A collaboration of sound- All At Once

So, Once Upon a Time- We all live through music whether we are conscious of it or not.  Memories are timelessly held in the lyric of a song.  Music evokes emotions, Music picks up where words leave off.

Let’s get to it. . .I have Parkinson’s.  I was diagnosed at 25, and now 10 years later the progression, well, is progressing.  The hardest part in all of this is that I NEED to deal with the fact that I won’t know my son (who is almost 8) as a young man.
Therefore, because almost everyone turns to music even when we don’t understand why,. . .I want to make him a record.  (WE LOVE THOSE OLD 45s) with a CD version as well (yes, this is turning out more like an infomercial).
This idea is inspired by a friend of mine, who offered to produce a track for me to sing on.  After several attempts of singing, I became frustrated- as it would be difficult to listen to an   entire album of me singing unrecognizable versions of songs that are important to my son and I.
“I Want To Hold Your Hand” “The Beatles
“Sugar Sugar” The Archies
Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) Harry Belafonte
“Catch a Falling Star” Perry Como
“Chasing Cars” Snow Patrol
“Lion Sleeps Tonight” The Tokens
“Radioactive” Imagine Dragons
“Drugs Don’t Work” The Verve
“This GIft” Glen Hansard
“I Lived” One Republic
“Little Talks” of Monsters and Men
 As part of a project at school, my son was asked what do your parents do, and he quite frankly said (as reported by his teacher to me later on)  “My Mom sings.”
I have met some incredibly talented people who not only are phenomenal musicians, but understands that music is an emotion available to everyone.  Given this, I need your help.  I am asking you to cover of the songs listed below, as they have great meaning to my son and i . .I only have one requirement, that you cover these songs using your style. . . reinvent them- or keep them intact, but be “You”  I have stories for all of the songs- that I will tell to introduce them on the record.

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  •  I have DECIDED not to be mad at myself ANYMORE, that I have Parkinson’s and I have PHYSICAL DISABILITY.   THIS IS OK.  It’s NOT that dramatic.      I accepted where most people my age moving forward.   I have to take CARE of myself.   MAINTAIN my health                     WHEN i saw my reflection in a window                                                                             I looked at MYSELF passing by a store                    and it STARTLED me because i could see my limp on the left side of my body              and I always work so hard to control it -its exhausting       HIDING it anymore     The LIFE cycle astonishes me that at the BEGINNING and end of our lives, we appear to be waiting in disdain for something not quite living i think it has something to do with SELF PRESERVATION.  OUR self esteem our integrity how we see ourselves                                its hard to LET GO of who we will be and who we were

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